Current Residents 2023-2024

Chief (PGY-5) Residents


Cody Blackwelder, M.D.

Louisiana State University
​School of Medicine in New Orleans

General Surgeon 2024:
Green Clinic Surgery - Ruston, LA

B+W White Coat Bui

Eileen Bui, M.D.

Saint Louis University
School of Medicine

Fellowship 2024: Minimally Invasive Surgery -
McMaster University Hamilton - Ontario, Canada

B+W White Coat Gaudet

Rochelle Gaudet, M.D.

Saint James School of Medicine
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

General Surgeon 2024:
Seven Star Health - Hemet, CA

PGY-4 Residents


Jared Cappelli, M.D.

Pennsylvania State University
​College of Medicine


Tiffany Gesang, M.D.

Case Western Reserve University
​School of Medicine


Ethan Montemayor, M.D.

Boston University
​School of Medicine

PGY-3 Residents

B+W White Coat

Chris Birdsey, M.D.

University of South Carolina
School of Medicine

B+W White Coat Parikh

Vijal Parikh, M.D.

East Tennessee State University
James H. Quillen College of Medicine

B+W White Coat Slagle

Daniel Slagle, M.D.

Mercer University
School of Medicine - Columbus

PGY-2 Residents


Allison Brown, M.D.

Michigan State University
College of Human Medicine - Traverse City


Brannon Hicks, M.D.

Medical College of Georgia
at Augusta University


Lucy Pollard, M.D.

University of South Carolina
School of Medicine - Columbia

PGY-1 Residents

Kato Morgan White Coat B&W

Morgan Kato, M.D.

University of South Carolina
School of Medicine - Greenville

Parker Taylor White Coat B&W

Taylor Parker, M.D.

Georgetown University
School of Medicine

Petr Carolyn White Coat B&W

Carolyn Petr, M.D.

McGovern Medical School at the University
of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

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