General Surgery Clerkships

Fourth Year Clerkship in Surgery (VSAS)

​Clerkship Director: Dr. Julia Boll
Clerkship Coordinator: Alyssa Miller

We offer a fourth-year elective clerkship in General Surgery through VSAS. Medical students will have the opportunity to participate with experienced surgery faculty and our current residents in patient care and the operating room. This general surgery rotation is geared toward medical students who view surgery as their probable career choice and are considering our residency program. Students will spend a week at a time working closely with individual surgeons, while participating as members of the resident/housestaff team. Students will participate in 1-2 days of clinic, depending on the attending and OR time. In addition to daily morning rounds, students will participate in didactic conferences including Morbidity, Mortality, & Improvement, Surgical Education Conference, Medical Student Conference, Basic Science Conference, Skills/Sim Lab, Ward Rounds, Clinical Case Conference, Vascular Conference, and Tumor Board.

Apply for this clerkship rotation (SUR4-4010/F) via the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS). Processing applications will take approximately 90 days, so be sure to apply early. No clerkship rotations will be offered from January - May. Visiting students must be enrolled in a LCME-accredited medical school. Students will be responsible for their own housing while in Nashville. Please contact the Clerkship Coordinator for visiting student housing options.

Third Year Core Clerkship in Surgery (UTHSC Students Only)

Clerkship Director: Dr. Julia Boll
Clerkship Coordinator: Alyssa Miller

This eight-week clinical clerkship includes general surgery and vascular surgery rotations, as well as subspecialty experiences in plastic surgery, neurological surgery, and urology. The objective of this clerkship is to familiarize the student with the basic pathophysiologic, diagnostic, and therapeutic modalities involved in the art and science of surgery. The fundamentals taught in this rotation will be of benefit to students, even if they do not choose a field of surgery as a career. In addition to clinical involvement, each student will attend didactic conferences, including a lecture series delivered by the clerkship director, Simulation / Skills Lab, Basic Science Conference, Surgical Education Conference, Ward Rounds, Tumor Board, Vascular Conference, Clinical Case Conference, and Morbidity, Mortality, & Improvement. Housing will be provided for students at no cost. 

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