Benefits & Salary

2023-2024 Resident Compensation Rates for ACGME-Accredited Programs

pgy level base annual base annual + life and Disability*
PGY-1 $58,860 $59,520
PGY-2 $61,056 $61,716
PGY-3 $63,024 $63,684

*In addition to the base salary, those residents participating in the individual disability and group life insurance programs provided through GME currently receive an additional $660 per year for disability and life insurance benefits as shown above in Column 3. Residents not participating do not receive this stipend.

For more resident salary information, please see GME Policy #210.

Stipend & Meals

The educational stipend for categorical residents is $3,000. A variety of educational materials are covered, per the Reimbursement Guidelines for UTGME Support Dollars.

PGY 1 - $1,000
PGY 2 - $1,000
PGY 3 - $1,000

Meals - Meals are provided to housestaff at no cost, on and off call.


Residents are allowed paid annual leave of three weeks per twelve-month period.  Paid leave may be taken in 1-week increments during subspecialty blocks. Additionally, there is a truncated schedule at the end of December in an effort to give residents time with their families around the holidays.


Please see the GME policy on Insurance for more information.

  • Life - no cost. Covered by the University of Tennessee.
  • Disability - no cost. Covered by the University of Tennessee.
  • Malpractice - no cost. Covered under the provisions of Tennessee's Claims Commission Act.
  • Health/Dental - through Cigna Healthcare. Cost is shared by the University of Tennessee.

Maternity/Paternity Leave

Both maternity and paternity leave are available and can be arranged to accommodate one's individual schedule.

GME Policies and Procedures

Additional resources are available for disability, leave, malpractice insurance, etc. You can find details here.

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