Ascension Saint Thomas and the University of Tennessee will support research for the Internal Medicine program through the Ascension Saint Thomas Research Institute (ASTRI). ASTRI provides a robust clinical research infrastructure to support pharmaceutical and device clinical trials, translational research and comparative effectiveness research that addresses clinical questions in a wide array of diseases, interventions, and populations. Residents and faculty have access to dedicated staff to assist in the assessment of research projects, statistical design, protocol development, clinical research coordinators and support staff to manage data and publication creation and review.

Additionally, third year residents participate in an Ascension Saint Thomas sponsored day of research presentations centered around real-world hospital and outpatient management questions.

Recent resident lead research includes:

  • Ectopic ACTH-Producing, Extra-adrenal Catecholamine-secreting Paraganglionoma Case Report
  • Evaluation of Fecal Transplant Efficacy
  • Appropriate Use of Benzathine PCN in the ED
  • HIV Screening in community clinics: A Quality Improvement Study
  • Large Endocardial Rheumatoid Nodules Case Report
  • The Burden of Hepatitis A Cases among Food-handlers to State and Local Health Departments
  • Denosumab-Associated Loss of Dental Implants and Suppression of Alkaline Phosphatase Level in Patients with and without Undiagnosed ALPL Gene Variants


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