The general curriculum for didactics is based on a 2-year rotation of topics chosen in preparation of ABOG certification. Additional conferences and seminars address the ACGME general competencies. The faculty has also developed a rotation-based curriculum to address the goals and objectives of each rotation.


At least three hours per week are dedicated to protected conferences and seminars. Other conferences include general and rotation-specific topics such as genetics, tumor board, fetal monitor interpretation, patient safety/quality improvement, journal club, peer review, ethics and case presentations. Given the small size of the residency program, conferences are primarily interactive rather than didactic. Self-learning programs are offered in the areas of obstetrics, reproductive endocrinology, and adolescent gynecology. Each resident is required to perform a formal presentation of a rotation-based subject or a topic of personal interest.

Educational Resources

All residents have online access to the major OB/GYN journals as well as an extensive list of online resources, including “UpToDate,” textbooks, and journals through the UTHSC library systems. The program provides the TrueLearn question banks for yearly CREOG in-training exams and the ABOG Qualifying Examination (PGY4s) at no cost to the resident.

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