Current Residents


Kaley Barber, M D

Hometown: Olive Branch, MS
Undergraduate: Mississippi State University
Medical School: University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences 
Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, kayaking, watercolor painting and gardening 
Before Medical School: I earned my degree in Biochemistry at MSU. While I was there, I worked in a lab studying Bovine Herpesvirus and I received an excellent introduction to SEC football!  
Why I Chose UT-Nashville
: I knew I wanted to stay in the south for residency and ideally in a city with lots of opportunities for fun new experiences. I'm so excited to be surrounded by the beautiful middle Tennessee landscape and to be neighbors with Nashville! During my interview here, I was impressed by how friendly everyone was and I felt very at ease throughout the whole day. Once I left Murfreesboro after my interview, I couldn't wait to come back!

Nate Henry, M D

Hometown: Knoxville, TN
Undergraduate: UTK
Medical School: UTHSC
Hobbies/Interests: Reading and history
Before Medical School: I worked in a bioinformatics lab
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I was impressed by the faculty, residents, and staff while rotating through Murfreesboro as a student. 

Simone Ilia, D O

Hometown: Lafayette, TN
Undergraduate: University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Running, writing, reading, tennis, skiing, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family! I'm also exploring potential tangential careers as a baker or botanist. 
Before Medical School: I spent time traveling, working at a ski resort, and tutoring high school students in English, math, and science. 
​Why I Chose UT-Nashville: Coming home to middle Tennessee to serve a community that truly needs it was what drew me to UT-Nashville. Upon doing my rotation and interview here, I developed a deep respect for the faculty and residents for their compassion and knowledge. I knew I would receive the training I needed to become the physician I wanted to be someday: one who always puts patients first and never stops learning.

Andrew McGehee, M D

Hometown: Ruston, LA
Undergraduate: Mississippi College
Medical School: Louisiana State University Medical School in Shreveport, LA
Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy being with friends and being outside. Bonfires are one of my favorite things.  I like reading and am involved with my church.  Exercise and healthy eating have become both hobbies and priorities for me.  I want to learn more about nutrition and how to best incorporate it in my practice.
Before Medical School: I started and ran a business called Bayou Bowties.  We made bowties out of alligator leather.  My family hunts alligators on land that's been with our family for about 60 years.  
Why I Chose UT-Nashville:  Training and location were high priorities for me.  Being a newer program, the faculty are excellent and also excited to find more and more ways to expand and tailor the program to best fit the needs of our patients and interests of residents.

Fardin Mohammadi, D O

Hometown: Nashville, TN - born in Kurdistan
Undergraduate: Vanderbilt University
Medical School: Des Moines University - College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with family, playing and watching soccer, gardening, playing video games, keeping up with international news, and studying Islam.
Before Medical School: I studied physics in undergrad, played rugby, worked as a pharmacy tech, worked at Fat Mo's Burgers, and worked as a research assistant in developmental biology. 
Why I Chose UT-Nashville
: UT Nashville has everything I wanted in a residency program: robust service with lots of teaching opportunities, great rotations, kind and knowledgeable faculty, trusting environment, and proximity to Nashville. I knew this was where I wanted to be after spending a month on 4 different rotations with the program.

Yusra Mohammed, D O

Hometown: The Boro! (Murfreesboro)
Undergraduate: MTSU
Medical School: KY College of Osteopathic Medicine @ University of Pikeville (KYCOM)
Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, Traveling, Reading, watching movies, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends
Before Medical School: I was a Murfreesboro girl born and raised! I got my Bachelors in Microbiology and minor in Spanish and Chemistry at MTSU while tutoring other undergrad bio students and doing drug discovery research on a new treatment for Cryptococcus neoformans. I traveled a bunch and also just kept building up my med school app!
Why I Chose UT-Nashville
: I have spent my whole life in Murfreesboro and love calling it home! Medical school took me to East KY in the heart of Appalachia for the last 4 years. I always knew I would find my way back home at some point because THIS was the community I wanted to serve and give back to! Murfreesboro and Rutherford County has been growing like crazy the last few years and that has brought in a diversity of ethnicities and immigrants living here and needing health care. This population is one that I feel passionate about! I did an audition rotation my OMS IV year and really fell in love with the program!! The attendings and residents were so kind, patient, helpful, and taught me so much during my time with them in the clinic and hospital! The message Saint Louise Clinic stands for and the network within the community to give their patients more resources was so special compared to other places and really spoke to my heart as it's the type of impact I hope to have as a doctor! Those were a few of the things that really sealed my decision to come back home to my family and choose UT Nashville!

Tyler Sams, D O

Hometown: Suwanee, GA
Undergraduate: Lubbock Christian University
Medical School: University of North Texas Health Science Center—Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, Running, Baking, Reading, Volleyball, Travel
Before Medical School: I worked three years as a Resident Assistant and ran cross country in college
Why I Chose UT-Nashville
: Finding this program happened through a rather fortuitous set of events. There were so many connections here that I felt confident that this was the place where I was supposed to be. I am interested in doing obstetrics in my future practice, so I was excited to find a program with such a strong foundation in obstetrical care. I’ve been in Texas for the past eight years, so I am also looking forward to being closer to my family in the Atlanta area.

Shelley Seehra, M D

Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergraduate: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Medical School: University of Missouri-Columbia
Hobbies/Interests: Cats, live music, playing my violin, painting, gardening, pottery, watching any/all Bravo television, travel, weightlifting 
Before Medical School: I was the Social Justice Advocacy Chair at a Human Rights NGO in Manhattan, NY. After that, I worked at a plant shop and lived in Mount Snow, VT working at a ski shop. 
Why I Chose UT-Nashville
: This program and its people made me feel right at home. From the resident dinner to the interview day, I felt welcomed. The faculty here is very understanding, down to earth, and go out of their way to teach. I also appreciate the programs focus and dedication to serving the local underserved populations and its community based, unopposed nature.  I am looking forward to the next 3 years!


Carey Cantrell MD

Hometown: Petersburg, TN
Undergraduate: University of Tennessee- Knoxville
Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Running, bowling, retro video games, and trivia contests
Before Medical School: I worked in primary care clinics and nursing homes in Middle Tennessee
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: When I heard that UT had a new Family Medicine program near my beloved hometown of Petersburg, I knew that I had to stop by and meet everyone. My interview here was the first one I attended in my job search, and no other program could match the warmth, excitement, and ambition projected by the faculty, staff, and residents in Murfreesboro. I feel so blessed to be a part of this program and to serve the rapidly growing, diverse population of Middle Tennessee.

Amanda Carter MD

Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
Undergraduate: Hampton University 
Medical School: Meharry Medical College 
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, spending time with friends and family 
Before Medical School: I worked as a medical scribe and was a medical education specialist at the Sleep Centers of Middle Tennessee 
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I had an interest in giving back and serving the community of my home town. At my interview I felt everyone was very friendly and had a family environment, the residents interacted well with each other and that aspect was important to me as well.

Shannon Foster MD

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Undergraduate: University of Arizona and University of Nebraska Medical Center
Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: I love spending time with my husband and dogs, especially camping and hiking.  I also enjoy reading.
Before Medical School: I was an officer in the Army for 16 years, 5 of those as a physician assistant.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I have lived in middle TN for almost 15 years and was excited to learn about this program.  I was drawn to the welcoming personalities of the faculty and residents; they all seemed down to earth and supportive.  I was also very excited about the program’s focus on serving underserved populations.

Nathaniel Greene DO

Hometown: Blountville, TN
Undergraduate: King University in Bristol, TN
Medical School: Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Hobbies/Interests: Running, tennis, ultimate frisbee and anything else that gets me outside during the warm months. I also enjoy working out, reading, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. 
Before Medical School: I took a gap year after getting my bachelor’s degree and attended a bible college sponsored by my church in Cincinnati for the year. 
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: My mentor throughout medical school did a sub-internship with the program, and although he ended up staying close to home in California for residency, had nothing but praise for the program and Dr. Dunlap. This led me to do a sub-internship of my own here during 4th year of medical school. I fell in love with the faculty, residents, program, and city and knew that this is where I wanted to complete my residency training.

Ellie Jolly MD

Hometown: Cadiz, KY 
Undergraduate: Western Kentucky University 
Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine 
Hobbies/Interests: Country music concerts, weekends on the lake, traveling, and being with my family. 
Before Medical School: I worked every summer at my family’s restaurant on the lake. I took one year off before medical school and completed a medical education development program. 
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I chose UT-Nashville because I had an instant connection with the current residents and faculty. Our training facilities are amazing, and I fell in love with Murfreesboro the first time I drove through it. You have everything you could ever want, and Music City is right next door. I am so excited to be completing my residency training at St. Thomas Rutherford through UT-Nashville.

Samantha Mullins MD

Hometown: Wingo, KY
Undergraduate: Murray State University
Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Exploring new places, Baking, Gardening, Live Music
Before Medical School: I grew up on a farm in KY. While in college I majored in biology and studied abroad in Greece and Italy. 
Why I chose UT-Nashville: I loved the mission of the Saint Louise Clinic and St. Thomas Rutherford to help the underserved populations. Also, the faculty I met during my interview day were so humble and genuinely kind.

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Hometown: McMinnville, TN
Undergraduate: UT, Go Vols!
Medical School: University of Medicine and Health Sciences at St. Kitts
Hobbies/Interests: UT football, my new husband, Atlanta braves, going home to the farm, tacos, animal enthusiast. 
Before Medical School: I worked on our family farm in Warren County, TN and went to a lot of UT football games.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I chose UT Nashville because it will provide me with the training necessary to go back home as a rural doctor in TN. The people in the program were so warm and welcoming on my interview that I knew this was where I should be. And they laughed at my jokes.

Sarah Zimmerman MD

Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Undergraduate: Amherst College 
Medical School: Sackler School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University 
Hobbies/Interests: I like spending time outdoors, travel, live music of almost any type, yoga and mindfulness meditation, bouldering, reading the paper, and exploring and enjoying the region around me.
Before Medical School: I did clinical research in serious mental illness in adults, as well as in early autism detection in children. My work gave me the opportunity to work closely with individuals and families who, in many cases, were not receiving or did not have access to, meaningful primary care. My experiences made me realize that I wanted a future in Family Medicine, so I went back to school for my pre-medical coursework... and the rest is history!
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I was amazed how, even though this program was one of the farthest afield at which I interviewed, it immediately felt like home when I visited. The commitment that the residents and faculty alike seemed to share toward making the program into a real family where everyone's voice is heard, and everyone's stake is valued was really exciting to me, and there was such a sense of being welcomed into that community. I knew that the opportunity to be able to train in truly broad-spectrum care for a diverse underserved population just outside a major metropolitan area, while also having great access to the natural beauty here, was special. I'm so energized to be able to join this program of passionate learners and teachers and providers and am delighted to be embracing my new home.


ZTravis Bowen, D.O.

Hometown: Mobile, AL
Undergraduate: University of Mobile
Medical School: Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with friends and family, playing most sports, hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, and I am a big Auburn Tigers fan.
Before Medical School: Played college baseball and would coach summer league and all-star baseball park teams.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I have always wanted to live in this area of the southeast.  From the interview dinner to talking with the faculty I knew UT-Nashville was where I wanted to be.  The facilities were amazing as well making this program an easy choice.


Taylor Bush, M.D. 

Hometown: Parkersburg, WV
Undergraduate: West Virginia University
Medical School: West Virginia University School of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Travel, live music, outdoor activities and board games
Before Medical School: I studied Biology and Biochemistry in my home state of West Virginia.  I worked as a tutor and as a carhop at Sonic, where I roller-bladed.  I spent much of my free time traveling to see live music.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I was interested in the Tennessee area initially because it is far enough from home that I can expand my boundaries, but close enough to return when needed.  The landscape and outdoor activities are similar to those in West Virginia, which was very comforting when I first visited.  After finding and interviewing at this program, I knew this is where I wanted to be.  Every resident and faculty member is genuinely kind, and wants the best for the program.  It continues to grow and adapt based on the resident’s needs, and I couldn’t imagine a better place to train.


Jessica Crowder, M.D. 

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Undergraduate: University of Southern California 
Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, spending time with family and friends
Before Medical School: I earned a BA degree in East Asian Languages and Culture in 2010.  When I graduated college, I had no intentions of pursuing medicine.  Through some twists and turns, I decided to pursue medicine and had to return to school to complete my prerequisites for medical school.  I’ve never looked back.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I knew after my interview that this was the residency for me.  I felt this residency would truly support me and my goals.  They were willing to work with me to get the experiences I wanted out of my residency.  In addition to that, all the faculty, residents, and staff were very welcoming and happy.  Residency is hard, and I did not want to be in an environment where the people were miserable.


Ahmad Faour, M.D. 

Hometown: Damascus, Syria (Moved to Murfreesboro, TN a few years ago)
Undergraduate: Kalamoon University, Damascus, Syria
Medical School: Xavier University School of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, skiing, soccer, spending time out with friends, road trips, hiking to hidden waterfalls in the mountains, canoeing, working on cars and going to car shows, and watching history documentaries.
Before Medical School: I worked as a medical assistant at my brother’s primary care clinic in Shelbyville, TN.  I also worked as an IT tech fixing printers and computers both in Shelbyville and Murfreesboro.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I moved to Murfreesboro, TN when I left my hometown of Damascus to join my parents and my brothers who settled here a long time ago.  When I first moved here I volunteered at St. Thomas before the residency program was created.  That volunteer experience inspired and motivated me to continue my medical education and helped me get to know the community of my new hometown.  During my time here, I was welcomed and I really felt home so I decided that after I finish my medical education and my residency training I would come back to practice here and stay close to my family and friends.  While I was about to finish medical school, I found out that a new program was established in Murfreesboro.  I was very excited to join the team and give back to the community that first welcomed me.  During the interview I could see how nice the residents and faculty are and that solidified my decision of joining this amazing program.


Harrison Gray, M.D. 

Hometown: Nashville, TN
Undergraduate: University of Washington
Medical School: University of Tennessee
Hobbies/Interests: Nutrition, fitness, yoga, jazz piano, and gardening.
Before Medical School: I was an English teacher in Japan and an EMT here in Tennessee.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I did a 4-week rotation here in medical school and knew immediately that these were the attendings and residents with whom I wanted to train.


Laura Mischell, D.O. 

Hometown: Keystone, South Dakota
Undergraduate: South Dakota State University
Medical School: Virginia College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: Hiking, running, yoga, and wheel thrown pottery
Before Medical School: I spent my summers in college working for Mount Rushmore National Memorial, and during the school year I worked as an EMT.  During my free time I explored the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and the mountains of Colorado.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: I auditioned here as a student and loved how approachable the staff and attendings were.  The residents were also extremely knowledgeable and fun to work with.  I had such a positive experience I just knew this is where I wanted to train for the next three years!


Lizzie Monroe, M.D. 

Hometown: Celina, TN
Undergraduate: Tennessee Tech University
Medical School: ETSU Quillen College of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: I love spending time with my family and friends, going to the movies, playing board games, reading fantasy novels, and spending time outdoors!
Before Medical School: During undergrad, I was a scribe at an urgent care clinic. Working there is what inspired me to go to medical school!
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: During my interview day, the faculty and residents were so kind and welcoming; I instantly felt at home!  Also, I loved the program’s mission to provide broad-spectrum care to underserved populations.


Amber Shadoan, M.D. 

Hometown: Somerset, KY
Undergraduate: Eastern Kentucky University
Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine
Hobbies/Interests: I love to cook, and also enjoy reading and spending time outdoors with my husband and two dogs. 
Before Medical School: I was a librarian at the Pulaski County Public Library for three years, and then worked at an Urgent Medical Center while completing my Bachelor’s in Biology.
Why I Chose UT-Nashville: UT was my last interview of the season but I already knew this was the place for me after having dinner with the current residents the night before my interview.  The people here are so down to Earth and friendly, I knew it was a place I could be comfortable.  The faculty were also fantastic.  Furthermore, I love the mission of Saint Thomas and their dedication to helping the underserved.

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