Family Medicine First Year

  • Medicine Service – 12 weeks
  • Night Float—4 weeks
  • Electives—6 weeks
  • Pediatrics—8 weeks
  • ICU—4 weeks
  • Obstetrics/Nursery – 8 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine—4 weeks
  • General Surgery—4 weeks
  • Radiology—2 weeks


“I really enjoyed my Palliative/Hospice elective rotation.  It was a great experience and our attendings on that rotation are fantastic.” 

-- Daniel Vann, Class of 2020 

Family Medicine Second Year

  • Medicine Service – 8 weeks
  • Night Float—4 weeks
  • Research—2 weeks
  • Electives—8 weeks
  • Pediatrics—4 weeks
  • Obstetrics/Nursery—2 weeks
  • ICU—4 weeks
  • Med-Hospitalist—4 weeks
  • Gynecology—4 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine—4 weeks
  • Ortho/Sports Med—4 weeks
  • ENT—2 weeks
  • Community Medicine—2 weeks


“During the Family Medicine inpatient rotation, we care for our patients in the hospital with our core faculty as attendings. We get to manage a wide variety of pathology, with plenty of backup, and the number of patients is regulated so we have time to learn the ropes. Morning report is aimed at practical patient care topics, and focuses on issues relevant to the patients we are treating. We have a strong emphasis on primary care, and we follow-up with our patients in clinic after they are discharged.”

-- David Ransom, Class of 2018

Family Medicine Third Year

  • Medicine Service – 4 weeks
  • Night Float—4 weeks
  • Research—2 weeks
  • Electives—10 weeks
  • Obstetrics/Nursery—2 weeks
  • Med-Hospitalist—2 weeks
  • Gynecology—2 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine—4 weeks
  • Ortho/Sports Med—4 weeks
  • Inpatient Pediatrics—4 weeks
  • Geriatrics—4 weeks
  • Behavioral Sciences—4 weeks
  • Dermatology—2 weeks
  • Breast Surgery—2 weeks
  • Family Medicine Clinic—2 weeks

"I feel very blessed to work with my colleagues as we serve the people of Murfreesboro and surrounding areas.” 

-- Zara Siddiqui, Class of 2019

The residents will have their own continuity clinics at the Saint Louise Clinic.  PGY1 residents have one half-day of clinic per week.  PGY2 residents have one full day and one half-day of clinic per week.  PGY3 residents have two full days of clinic per week.

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