FM Highlights

Program Highlights

Our Program Director and Faculty are focused on identifying the specific interests of our residents and helping to connect them to rotation experiences that support those interests. Below are examples of unique opportunities offered by our program.

Women's Health

Our program offers a unique opportunity for those interested in women's health and obstetrics. The program's primary site, Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford, has approximately 3,000 deliveries annually, and is the leading provider of obstetric care in Rutherford County. Members of our core faculty practice and teach obstetrics and women's health. Residents work closely with our core faculty to gain exposure to normal, spontaneous vaginal deliveries, assisted deliveries, and surgical OB (Caesarean sections). Our core faculty also performs ultrasound. The residents will also work with laborists and local, private obstetricians to gain further experience and a variety of teaching viewpoints. Lactation consultants are also readily available and excited to teach.

"During my women's health elective , I had numerous opportunities to perform pelvic exams, PAP smears, endometrial biopsies, and colposcopy. I also gained great experience in medical workup and management for uterine bleeding, STIs, and pelvic pain. With Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford resources I was also able to gain more experience with breast exams, mammography, lumpectomies, mastectomies, breast ultrasound and related procedures under ultrasound guidance."  -- Bobbi Lakin, Class of 2018

Mobile Health Unit

Ascension Saint Thomas Rutherford’s Mobile Health Unit is a reflection of its Mission to improve the health of individuals and communities with special attention to the poor and vulnerable. The goal of the Mobile Health Outreach is to help achieve access to health care, helping individuals overcome barriers and obstacles. Residents in the UT-Murfreesboro Family Medicine Program have a unique opportunity to work on the Mobile Health Unit and gain valuable insight into the healthcare access issues of our community.

“Working in conjunction with mission-minded faculty, and a health system committed to serving those who are poor and vulnerable, allows residents a unique opportunity to develop their skills as physicians and servants. While most residency programs work with the underserved, I think it would be difficult to find many that have embraced that mission more than UT-Murfreesboro. One example of this commitment is a curriculum that specifically includes time working on the mobile health unit. This opportunity allows us to meet the patients where they are in life and in the community and gain invaluable insight and perspective about getting healthcare to those who need it most.” -- Travis Shivers, Class of 2018
"The Mobile Health Unit is a reflection of the program's mission to improve healthcare in our community, with a focus on underserved populations. This ministry in motion is a great opportunity for residents to experience the challenges of primary care in rural areas. Residents are able to take part in health screenings and direct patient care and management. It is a very rewarding experience that makes this program unique." -- Lauren Cooper, Class of 2018

Medical Missions at Home

Residents in the UT-Murfreesboro Family Medicine Program have a unique opportunity to work at the Ascension Saint Thomas Medical Missions at Home. Since 2013, thousands of free medical services and procedures have been provided to Middle Tennesseans through the Ascension Saint Thomas Medical Missions at Home. Created as a project of the Ascension Health Leadership Formation program, these day-long community health events provide needed primary and specialty care and services including:

  • Behavioral medicine
  • Dentistry – pediatric and adult
  • Foot and wound care
  • Mammograms
  • Prescriptions at no cost – made possible by the Dispensary of Hope
  • Vision services
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