​Attending Rounds

During attending rounds, residents will float throughout the facility and have the opportunity to see and discuss adult and pediatric patient management with faculty directly after morning report. Rounds are conducted at the bedside but also extend to radiology where physicians can view CT scans, MRI’s, ultrasounds that may be applicable to their patients. The roaming nature of rounds enables residents to gather the necessary details of each patient to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

Chief Resident Rounds

Each Friday, the Chief Resident holds rounds that focus on board preparation topics. This question/answer session will enable interactive discussions on a broad range of topics. This encompasses three years of weekly board preparation sessions built in to our family medicine curriculum and schedule.


​Grand Rounds

Monthly presentations will be held at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital. These are for the entire medical staff and residents will be encouraged to participate. Topics will vary widely encompassing all the major specialties. This activity also provides an opportunity for residents to interactive with other members of the STRH medical staff.


Journal Club

The Residents’ Journal Club is held once per month. This club is designed to give residents instruction and experience evaluating current literature as well as broaden their knowledge base. All residents will have numerous opportunities to read and review an article, consult with faculty and present article results to the group for discussion.

Morbidity and Mortality

Residents will be encouraged to attend monthly morbidity and mortality conferences. This recurring conference discusses the management of selected patient cases within the hospital and/or clinic and provides an opportunity for residents to consider and discuss ways to improve quality improvement and safety measures.

Morning report

Faculty and local volunteer specialists hold morning report every weekday at the hospital prior to rounds. During this time residents will make case presentations and will have the opportunity to develop a plan of care for patients with different diagnoses. This provides an interactive setting that enables residents to work closely with faculty and simulate a case scenario of a patient that has typically been admitted the night before.

Noon Conference

​The mid-day conferences consist of one-hour sessions on both general family medicine and sub-specialty topics. Lecturers are faculty members, residents, and guest speakers who present topics from a planned curriculum designed to provide each resident with a broad knowledge base of Family Medicine, including topics in preventive medicine, chronic illness management, pain management, pediatric & adolescent medicine, geriatrics & end-of-life care, substance abuse, QA/QI, critical reading skills, law and public policy, practice management, physician impairment, and domestic violence. The conferences are directed at providing information pertinent to the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) certification examination.  The Noon Conference is held in the Conference Room at Saint Louise Clinic on the first and third Mondays, the fifth Tuesdays, and the First, Second, Third and Fifth Thursdays. 

Wednesday Didactic Block

A weekly Wednesday didactic block from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. provides time for hands on learning, workshops, guest speakers etc.  Sometimes one speaker utilizes the entire three-hour block and sometimes it is broken up into smaller back-to-back sessions.  The Wednesday Didactic Block is held in the Saint Louise Clinic Conference Room.




Board Review

Board Review is led by the program director or associate program director every Friday and consists of board review, questions, and discussion to help residents prepare for their board examinations. 

AFP Journal Review

Once a month the associate program director will lead the residents in an AFP Journal Review covering the two journal issues from the month before.  Residents should come prepared to discuss the articles and answer questions appropriately. 

Resident Wellness

The residents will participate in a monthly resident wellness sessions where they will reflect on their strengths, weaknesses, and wellbeing.  Discussions will be guided by a Core Faculty member who will help with providing tools that the residents can use to set personal goals for improvement.  Resident Wellness may also consist of wellness lectures and dividing into small groups for discussions and activities.

Resident-Only Meeting

Once a month the residents have a resident-only meeting in the Saint Louise Clinic Board Room.  This meeting is led by the chief residents.  All residents come together to speak freely and discuss the program, ask questions, offer feedback and make suggestions etc.  The chiefs will share any anonymous concerns with the faculty in a subsequent faculty meeting.  Faculty can then review resident concerns which will be readdressed at the monthly Resident and Faculty meeting.


Residents are encouraged to attend and participate in the monthly Resident Faculty Meeting and the Office-Wide Meeting.  The program director leads the Resident Faculty Meeting which involves sharing information and time for residents and faculty to ask questions and offer suggestions.  The Office-Wide Meeting is led by the Clinic Manager and is attended by faculty, residents, and clinic staff.  This meeting is an opportunity for the Clinic Manager to share pertinent information to everyone and allows for the entire clinic team to ask questions, offer feedback, and make suggestions to improve the clinic.

"Didactics are a big part of learning during residency, and our faculty do a great job of ensuring we make good use of that time. We cover various topics and I’ve been extremely impressed and grateful for the number of doctors in the community who are willing to commit their time to help teach us."  
-- Tyler Melson, Class of 2018 

"The program’s didactics are robust and occur daily to supplement clinical experiences.”  
-- Thomas Thacker, Class of 2020

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