Resident Wellness

The University of Tennessee - Nashville and Saint Thomas Health are dedicated to providing high quality educational experiences, while simultaneously fostering a culture of wellness in our residency training programs. 

Our campus-wide approach to resident wellness is led by the UT-Nashville/Saint Thomas Health Wellness Committee; which is comprised of faculty and residents from each training program. Through their sponsorship of activities and programs related to various aspects of well-being, provision of resources aimed at supporting well-being, and availability to residents across the Nashville campus, the committee works to ensure wellness is promoted within all UT-Nashville residency programs.

Specific goals of the wellness committee include:​

  • Promote a healthy work life balance.
  • Provide physical, psychological, social, and professional wellness education.
  • Maintain a peer support and advocacy network for the residents.

Wellness Activities

  • Team building Event
  • Annual Wellness Retreat
  • Annual Appreciation Event
  • Monthly Resident Support Group


  • BalanceWorks Resident Assistance Program
  • On-campus Gym Membership Discount Program
  • Attending Mentor Program
  • Local Resource Guide Book
  • Campus-wide Wellness Committee

Program Events

  • Incoming Resident Welcome Party
  • Christmas Party
  • Match Day Party
  • Graduation Dinner
  • Monthly birthday celebration potlucks as part of our clinic-wide meetings

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2018 Team Building